Generate your DSL, graphically.

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What you can do with Jel

Define your own palette

Attach an XSD

Convert your draw in a DSL

Save/Load your draw

Validate the conversion result

Tree Editor View

Anteprima of your draw

Live Validation*

* Partially or Not still supported

Javascript graphical Editor that generates dsL

What is?

Jel is a web based application that helps you to visualize your DSL. It's entirely written in Javascript and can be easily embedded in your web app. Moreover, Jel is able to generate small prortion of code starting from a picture.


A lot of times we need to draw something and, at the same time, we need to associate data with picture. Jel represent an attempt, in the web environment, to join the two world.


First, you can define easily your palette: you can choose shapes that will compose your picture. At the same time you can embed shapes with meta-data.
Optionally, you can attach an XSD: in this case your shapes can be associated to meta-element, inheriting attributes and constraints.
Once you decide your shapes, you can drag'n drop them into a canvas: you can move them, join them with an arrow, you can explode composed shapes, specify meta data and so on.
At the and, if you have specified an xsd, you can convert you shapes in a DSL instance and check its validity.


Apache Camel™ is a versatile open-source integration framework based on known Enterprise Integration Patterns. With Jel, we provided a basic instruments to edit graphically camel routes based on Spring DSL

Connector Algebra is an high-level algebra for reasoning about protocol mis-matches.


You can find a more here. It's not enough, but for any problem you can open a issue on Github